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Launch X431 Diagun III FAQ

Postby Emily » Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:36 am

Q1: Where to download Launch x431 Diagun III software?
A1: Download from, the language depends on your local IP address, for example, browse in China with Chinese IP, the Launch website language is Chinese.

Q2: When I try to download the vehicle software of X431 Diagun III, it is only available with Chinese no English, and I try to download Chinese software, it shows me IP restrictions, I cannot download.
A2: You have to get authorization from us before you download the vehicle software.

Q3: I already get authorization from you, but I fail to register.
A3: the dealer code is 86A (A must be written in capital letter)

Q4: Launch X431 Diagun iii and Launch X431 GDS, which one is better.
A4: 1) X431 Diagun iii and X431 GDS share the same function;
2) GDS supports Wi-Fi wireless Internet communications and GDS offer some value-added service: provides maintenance information, maintenance cases and Internet search service. To achieve main module upgrading by one key, feedback by one key, and searching by one key etc.
3) X431 GDS Display: 7" TFT Hi-brightness color touch screen, X431 Diagun III is 4.3 inch.
4) GDS built-in hard disk 16G. Therefore, GDS is better than X431 Diagun.

Q5: after I successfully create an account for X431 Diagun III and ready to test car, it displays Bluetooth no connection, then I use cable to test, it can work, what’s the problem?
A5: Firstly to check whether the Bluetooth serial number and the X431 Diagun III serial No is the same, if it is the same, maybe the Diagun III hardware has problem, please send us back the x431 Diagun III main unit and Bluetooth device to test.
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