Cummins Inline 5 Data Link Adapter FAQ

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Cummins Inline 5 Data Link Adapter FAQ

Postby Emily » Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:45 am

Q1: After input the password, I got error message "INSITE has detected an invalid PC Date. Please not the PCID and Verification Code shown below and contact the local Cummins Distributor to obtain an Unlock password.
cummins-inline-5-insite-error.jpg (109.16 KiB) Viewed 1290 times

A1: Firstly, please set the correct PC date and time; secondly, please reinstall the software; finally input the same password we send you and click OK to register

Q2: What is Cummins inline 5 operating system requirement?
A2: Insite 7.5 can be installed on windows XP system, and Insite 7.6 needs to be installed on Win7.

Q3: Up to which year truck Cummins inline 5 can work with?
A3: So far, Insite 7.6 can work with the truck up to 2012 year.

Q4: Can Cummins INLINE 5 work with gasoline truck produced by the original factory Cummins? The packed program is basic or professional?
A4: No, Cummins only work with diesel truck, not work with gasoline truck.

Q5: Does Cummins inline 5 contain the newest INCAL software?
A5: No, it doesn't.

Q6: Part one: I have installed the insite software and the driver for inline hardware, but wen i connect the hardware, my computer do not detect the hardware, and no LED is flashing on the device.
Part two: I have today connected the inline box to an engine ECM. Now is the power LED on. My Computer detects the Hardware, but I think it is a wrong Driver installed. Is it possible that I have a wrong Driver? we have bought a inline 5 box, and on the DVD from you is a inline 6 Driver? the instructions on your Website to installed insite is not match with my Software and that possible? Can you send me an inline5 Driver?
A6: the power led light is on so the device is OK. The problem was not correct driver software. I have installed driver for inline6, but I have inline5. On the DVD is a lil misunderstanding by installation. There are two folders, one for win7 only, and I have installed that for my win7. The driver for the inline5 is in the other folder. I have test it now on a Komatsu excavator with cummins engine QSB6,7 and CM850 Controller, and it works well...
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