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Q: If this BMW E/F SCANNER Support update online?
A: It is cannot be updated online, it is update by CD or send software by email

Q: Can BMW Explorer Prog work with ista 46 cas3+ 2013 ?
A: Yes, it can

Q: Can BMW E/F Scanner work with bmw f-series ? Can add key to CAS4 ?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: Does it need connect with computer when I program key?
A: Yes, You need connect with PC to do key programmer function

Q: Do you have the user manual for how to use this software?
A: This software is very easy to use. Insert the CD and connect the dongle with on your computer, then you can directly open the software.
After you open the software, you will see the menu. Then you can choose the function in the menu.

Q: Can you send the software to me? I want to test the software first before i buy it.
A: We can send the software to you. But as you do not have the dongle, so you cannot open the software.
We have attached the video on our website, you can see the video.

Q: I was wondering if the bmw explorer is completly unlocked?
A: All the function on this software is activated ready, you can directly to use it. No need to pay extra fee to open the software anthorization.
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